Disabled Dating Sites


Introducing Dating Sites for People with Disabilities

We know how difficult it is to find a good friend or your soulmate - especially if you are a person with disabilities. Therefore, we wrote this article which may become your guide to handicap dating. We explored the field of online dating and highlighted several legitimate online services and disabled dating apps that will help you make your process of finding the perfect partner easier and more convenient. We believe that the disability dating websites we offer fully meet all your expectations.


Dating Sites for People with Special Needs

So, what makes these sites special and what can they offer you? Read short descriptions of some of the best disability dating sites to get answers to these important questions. Regardless of whether you are looking for friendship or want to find someone who shares your outlook on life for a long healthy relationship, here are a few disability match websites that are the most popular today.



Opened back in 1995, Match organized the greatest number of dates than any of its competitors and provided assistance in forming tens of thousands of happy couples. This website is rightfully considered one of the pioneers in online dating. Over the years of successful work, it has improved its design, usability and quality of services provided. Today it offers many advanced tools for finding the perfect match and includes fine-tuning that allows you to search by various criteria.


As for dating for disabled, Match.com does not specialize in this field, however it covers it. Thanks to the fine-tuning, you can receive dating offers with people with disabilities only. An important advantage of this site is its focus on maintaining the perfect balance between men and women registered here. This means that regardless of whether you are a man or a woman with disabilities, you have an equal chance of finding your soulmate.


Match.com does not belong to the category of completely free dating sites. However, for only $ 22 a month, you can access all the important features of this premium dating site. By registering now, you can become one of the 15 million people using this website every month. This audience covers various areas of disability dating including wheelchair dating and others.



Are you a person with disabilities and want to find your friend or romance? Whispers4U will come to your aid in handicapped dating. Despite the fact that this website was created specifically for people with disabilities, it accepts ordinary people who want to meet disabled singles. When filling out a user questionnaire, each new participant can indicate the type of disability if wish. After verification through e-mail, you get the opportunity to view profiles of other participants and send messages.


Despite the fact that many functions of Whispers4U are available to users with free membership option, some important tools can be used only after a paid subscription. For example, you will not be able to read messages that other members of the community have sent you if your membership is free. However, paid subscription starts at just $ 14.95 per month - this price will drop if you agree to be with Whispers4U for a longer period of time.



This site is a large community of people with disabilities that includes blogs, forums, and web chat. Created in 2002, this site has the main motto - providing assistance in finding the perfect partner for people with disabilities. Despite the fact that Dating4Disabled is not a website for disabled dating for free, you can register your account and use some of its functions on a free subscription basis. This disabled dating website creates an inclusive environment for your safe and comfortable hanging out with people who are open to meet someone like you.


To gain access to advanced search tools and the ability to exchange quick messages with other participants, a paid subscription is required. You can also try Dating4Disabled for a free trial.


Disabled Passions

This online service is one of the best disabled dating sites working absolutely free. It includes many advanced and unique features. In addition, it boasts a huge amount of content for various types of dating - there are articles that will help you overcome all the obstacles to finding the perfect match despite the fact that you are a person with disabilities. Disabled Passions offers free chats, the ability to exchange emails. In addition, you can post your messages on the built-in message boards.


Since Disabled Passions was conceived as a non-profit project, you do not have to pay for a subscription. It opens all its functions absolutely free for each member.


Meet Disabled Singles

This website can be your starting point in the world of disabled dating if you are looking for a simple website with a standard set of tools at a low price. One of the advantages - and disadvantages at the same time - of Meet Disabled Singles is that it belongs to a large network of dating sites. This means that your profile data can be seen by members of other sites. The advantage here is that your chances of finding soulmate increase. However, it does not create a closed community of people with disabilities - so, this is its drawback.


By getting a free membership, you can view the profiles of other participants and also send flirtations. However, communication tools such as quick messages, video chat and others, will become available only after purchasing a Gold account.

Disability Match

This site offers great opportunities to meet disabled singles for UK residents. You can register your account absolutely free and immediately start searching for the perfect match. However, it does include a set of paid features that will be available after purchasing a Gold Account. Despite the fact that Disability Match was created for dating singles with disabilities from the UK, this site also accepts people from other countries. It includes a detailed search function and provide good communication opportunities.


Disability Match has helped thousands of people find their soulmate or just a friend. However, its audience is not so impressive in terms of the number of people online - some profiles have long been abandoned by their owners.


Disabled Dating 4 U

If you want to try a modern dating site for people with disabilities, Disabled Dating 4 U will connect you with other singles. Created in 2009, the initially small site has grown into a fairly large platform that helps single people with disabilities find their true love. Now it includes community of single people with disabilities from the UK and the USA. However, Disabled Dating 4 U allows to register accounts for singles from different regions of the world.



This dating site creates the perfect environment for people who are true professionals in their field. This audience also includes people with disabilities. With its 65,000 new users weekly and about 2,000 new couples monthly, EliteSingles is a large dating platform for very active users. Thanks to the detailed profile settings, you can sort the audience and make the smart algorithm offer you people who share your interests and have disabilities like you.


The only drawback of EliteSingles is the high cost of its services. If you want to unlock communication tools, you will have to purchase a paid membership. Its subscription costs can be significantly higher than competitors offer, however EliteSingles helps create successful couples for singles who are not only matched intellectually but also financially.


Some Facts about Disabled Dating

  • The field of online dating is developing rapidly and covers various niches, including special needs dating, disabled dating, wheelchair dating. By choosing a good site, you can find a person who will accept you for who you are.

  • Some web services specialize in blind dating. They allow you to connect the hearts of single people who lack vision.

  • Most disability dating sites function like social networks that were created specifically for people with disabilities - they allow you to chat, publish posts, add new friends, and also include many other social aspects.

  • Disabled dating apps can eliminate most of the awkwardness and limitations, making online dating more accessible for people with disabilities.


Useful Tips & Advices for Disability Dating

Communicating with different people on dating sites for people with disabilities, you could find the perfect match and get ready for a date. It can be discomforting and stressful, but disability dating should not be so intimidating for you. After talking with an expert on relationships and sexuality among people with disabilities, we’ve come up with some useful tips for you:

  1. When registering on a disabled dating website, be honest about your disability when filling out a user profile. If you want to have more potential mail order brides or grooms, you can hide this information - this is a major mistake that will lead to undesirable consequences and rejection. Believe, there are many people with limited abilities who want to meet a person like you.

  2. Do not focus on your disability. Do not forget that you are a person in the first place. Try to highlight your best points, but mentioning your disability is also worth it. If your conversation focuses only on the topic of your disabilities, try to find other things to discuss.

  3. When choosing a cafe or restaurant, make sure that this place has everything needed for people with disabilities. We advise you to choose a place that is familiar to you and fully meets all your needs - it is necessary that you relax and focus on more important things than dealing with potential barriers.


Are Mainstream Dating Services Suitable for People with Disabilities?

Some dating websites and apps such as Tinder or Match may interest you. They unite a huge number of people who want to find their true love. However, Tinder is targeted at young people and can cause your negative experience with using online dating services, as it does not specialize in disabled dating. If you still want to try mainstream sites, we recommend starting with Match.com, because it uses an improved search algorithm for the perfect match, taking into account all your features.



Like any person with disabilities, you may have problems getting close to people in real life. Fortunately, many mainstream dating sites as well as niche services have been created in order to be your important tools in finding love. No one claims that your dates will be easy, but modern technology can make your communication and rapprochement easier and more relaxed.


With dating sites for disabled single on our list, you will no longer be afraid to be rejected. They have created large communities of people with disabilities in which you will be accepted with outstretched hands. It's time to act! Start by choosing a website that meets your expectations. Then register your profile and start meeting people who will accept you as you are!